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Would you tear my castle down?

Of course you would. Get the bulldozer ready.

31 October
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I try to laugh about it
cover it all up with lies
I try to laugh about it
hiding the tears in my eyes
cause boys don't cry.

~'Boys Don't Cry' ~ The Cure

This is the only real journal belonging to me. I don't have a MySpace or another blog. This is it. I'm sick of seeing myself plastered all over other places.

On the name:
1. Don't make any jokes about 'Jude Law' because a) I've heard them all before, and b) they're just not that funny.
2. You're really not the first person to start singing 'Hey Jude' at me. I'm surprised I even like the song still.
3. St Jude is right out.

I'm not a very nice person and I don't have much patience for idiots. Deal with it.

If you know me as a model and want me to be your online best friend, I don't care. I don't want to be your friend. I'm not friendly. Move on.

Let not your hold be so tight,
She'll return in the morning,
If you give her the night.

How deep does she weep in your well of unkeep?
The kiss of Madraykin will keep you from sleep.

[DISCLAIMER: This journal is purely fictional. I am not Ruslana Korshunova, whom you see in the icons. She belongs to no one but herself. Jude McKenna belongs to me and doesn't actually exist. This is all just for darker_london ]

Dislikes : 16: bad writing, liars, people who don't like to read, people who think models are dumb, hangovers, crucifixion, music where people just scream, most people, therapists, flies and insects in general, cults, dirt, backwater countries, chavs, drugs, haircuts, bank robberies,